Greg Ellis Jr. takes drumming to the next dimension through his ability to have a rudimental-commanding style of playing.  He simmers drumming down to a simple, smooth, funky groove that is undeniable.  This rudimental style of simplicity has allowed him to perform with many artist in numerous genres.

Greg aka “SPIKE” has played for various artists and groups such as Toby Mac, Ayiesha Woods, Rachael Lampa, Tommy Simms, Phil Keggy, Michael Tait, Crystal Rucker, Mandisa, Brian Rieth, Nicole C. Mullen, Bernard Harris, Angela Winbush, Kevon Edmonds, After 7, Alex Bugnon, Vashawn Mitchell, and more!  He has also performed on the TRINITY BROADCAST NETWORK, the 700 CLUB, the tv show EXTRA , CBS early show, and other international/national/local television networks.

He is currently transitioning from Nashville, Tennessee, to Atlanta working with numerous artists, groups, and musicians.  He's also writing, producing, teaching music!  He's a one stop shop for your musical needs whether your project is studio or live.  He uses his gifts to inspire, influence musicians, artists and fans to change the world one person at a time through leadership and giving back in their local areas and beyond.  

Greg Ellis Jr. plays Scymtek Cymbals ( as an Independent artist.

If you'd like Greg Ellis Jr. to work with you on your project, show, or music ministry, click on the "Need Drums, Beats or Music Productions?" link and leave him your detailed information now!  

 Greg Ellis Jr. Endorsement with Scymtek Cymbals